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Whether you are experienced or new to SAP and wishing to expand your skill-set, our SAP online training is designed to make learning SAP very easy and to ensure you boost your ROI.

A practical, effective, hands-on training course to accelerate your learning, designed by SAP experts who already have assisted scores of users to enhance their effectiveness with SAP systems!

  • Learn the best business software without breaking the bank
  • Learn SAP fast simply by putting the learning curve in fast forward mode.
  • Choose from multiple modules and Start a hugely successful career

Make a great impact, come work with creative thinkers like yourself, and grow with our best online training. Stay flexible with e-learning! Our courses are online. Study work is carried out from wherever and whenever you like.

Flexible. Affordable. Effective.


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It  turned out to be way better than my expectations…I bought the bundle of 4 in 1 as its the most value. I was able to learn 4 different modules in a short period of time. The thing I like about the training is that Trainer was more practical inclined and not theoretical. he explained everything in clear videos. I have lifetime access to videos so I can always go back and refer if need be.

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SAP Training OJAYO review

This is the one…The quality of lessons was amazing. The delivery via the ease of download and ability to go at your own pace is HUGE! That and having access to all the file downloads is definitely value adding. I got my most value add by buying the course in bundle.


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Good examples, very open and responsive teacher, overall very positive experience.

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SAP Training OJAYO review 1

The Best thing about this academy courses is, its really simple, easy to understand and loads of fun.

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Nancy Place
SAP Training OJAYO review 3

I saved 1000′s by joining this course and was also able to learn the core subject understanding within a short period ! Learning 4 modules anywhere else would have put me in debt since each module costs 3000 and up. :-)

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Jessica White

It was so easy to be able to understand the methods. Being able to start and pause the video whilst working alongside on a second screen is my preferred method of learning. Most of the downloads can be adapted to my job and suddenly I have, in the eyes of my boss, become an SAP expert. cannot think of a better or more efficient method of learning SAP. I could never had learned this much from books.


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John Dawson


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You will receive a certificate of completion at the end of any SAP course.





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